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TRIN ensure wellbeing and energize mind through innovation, collaboration, and care.

Quality and Evidence based

We provide the best and evidence based psychiatric consultation, Psychotherapy and counseling online and Offline.

Brightest Professionals

The best and brightest professionals are here to serve you. We care about you and ensures world class treatment

Energize People

We believe in energizing people and community by sharing knowledge through world class training and workshops.

Research to reach

We Conduct researches to reach every mind and transform their lives for better tomorrow to lead a healthy life.

About TRIN

Telepsychiatry Research and Innovation Network Ltd started its journey with the dream to touch the life of one billion people within 2025 by designing, developing and implementing innovative technology based mental services, providing evidence based holistic mental health care, conducting cutting edge impactful research and providing global platform for interdisciplinary research for mental health care.

We promotes mental health awareness and care about your health. Join our community for all kinds of health supports. We provides different mental health care supports.


Psychiatric Consultation

We offer best psychiatric consultation from the most famous and respected psychiatrists. After the complete mental state examination, the experts make your diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment either medication or psychotherapy or both.

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Psychotherapy and Counselling

The best and brightest Clinical Psychologists and Councilors are providing evidence- based quality sessions for our clients. Psychotherapy and Counselling help eliminate or control troubling symptoms due to the impact of stress, trauma, medical illness or loss and different mental disorders, so that a person can function better and can increase well-being.

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Mental Health Assessment

We give you the access to measure mental health and wellbeing, personality, intelligence, social, communication skill extending from the early childhood to older age group for screening, identification, severity assessment and monitoring.

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Special Services

We offer multi-disciplinary, super-specialized care for our clients in different chronic distressing conditions involving at least three experts on relevant area in each clinic. Our special services are designed in a manner that our clients can have all sorts of supports at one place. From child care to geriatric care, from screen addiction to drug addiction, from management of psychosexual problems to postpartum depression- We have it all here, at one place!

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Training and Awareness

Our belief in the power of awareness motivated us to initiate training and awareness programs on different issues that we need to face on our day to day life. We organize trainings and workshops on various issues such as stress management, time management, social anxiety, screen addiction etc which are deeply associated to our lives but are not taken care of. To develop the coping skills of our clients about the contemporary issues, the training and awareness programs are carefully sketched and facilitated by experts of relevant fields. We are running exclusive workshops during this ‘Pandemic Period’ to help our clients in resolving newer issues.

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To design and develop evidence-based services, our promising and hard-working research team is conducting leading-edge researches targeting the mental health problems and possible solutions. Our learnings on qualitative aspects of mental health scenario of Bangladesh helped us to commence researches on topics that are stigmatized, unattended but carry great importance. Our collaboration with national and international organizations and institutions gave us the opportunity to take our research works at international platforms.

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Training and Workshop

Stress Management During Corona

  Rupayan Trade Center, Banglamotor


Parenting During Corona Pandemic

  Rupayan Trade Center, Banglamotor


Prospects of Telepsychiatry

  Rupayan Trade Center, Banglamotor


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